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Search Engine Optimization

New sites do not need to be "submitted" to search engines to be listed. However, Google and Yahoo offer a submission program such as Google Sitemaps that an XML type feed could be created and submitted. Generally however, a simple link from an established site will get the search engines to visit the new site and begin to spider its contents. It can take a few days or even weeks from the acquisition of a link from such an established site for all the main search engine spiders to commence visiting and indexing the new site.

Once the search engine has found the new site, it will generally visit and start to index the pages on the site, as long as all the pages are linked to with anchor tag hyperlinks. Pages which are accessible only through Flash or Javascript links may not be findable by the spiders. Search engine crawlers may look at a number of different factors when crawling a site, and many pages from a site may not be indexed by the search engines until they gain more pagerank or links or traffic. Distance of pages from the root directory of a site may also be a factor in whether or not pages get crawled, as well as other importance metrics. There are some standards for those decisons as to which pages are visited and sent by a crawler to be included in a search engine's index.

Webmasters can instruct spiders to not index certain files or directories through the standard robots.txt file in the root directory of the domain. Standard practice requires a search engine to check this file upon visiting the domain, though a search engine crawler will keep a cached copy of this file as it visits the pages of a site, and may not update that copy as quickly as a webmaster does. The web developer can use this feature to prevent pages such as shopping carts or other dynamic, user-specific content from appearing in search engine results, as well as keeping spiders from endless loops and other spider traps.

For those search engines who have their own paid submission (like Yahoo!), it may save some time to pay a nominal fee for submission. Yahoo!'s paid submission program guarantees inclusion in their search results, but does not guarantee specific ranking within the search results.

We will also manually submit your Website to the following major search engines: Yahoo, AltaVista, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Google, AOL, iWon, Netsacape, MSN, Lycos, Teoma, AskJeeves and DMOZ (Open Directory). Note that Yahoo no longer accepts automated submissions, so do not get fooled by some other companies claiming to submit you to Yahoo with their software. Before we submit your Website, one of our analysts will review your site and make sure that it is search engine friendly - meaning we will verify that your page uses proper design, content and Meta Tags, for best search engine placement. If we notice any spam or other search engine related problems on your site or any improvements that can be made to give you a better ranking in the search engines, we will tell you about them and give you a chance to modify your page before submission. This is a VERY valuable service that you won't find anywhere else.

Link Building Services

Link popularity is referred to as the process of enhancing the popularity of a webpage by linking it to other domains to increase search engine ranking of a webpage. Link building, apart from increasing the ranking of a webpage on search engine key word search, also helps increase the PR of a page. Mere search engine optimization, no mater how nicely done, is not sufficient enough to guarantee high search engine ranking.

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Alta Vista rely on link popularity to determine the importance of a website and rank it accordingly. If more number of related incoming links your have to your website the better for you to rank high in search engines.

Merely creating links does not help. Linking a website with unrelated websites does not get much appreciation from search engines. Some search engines even penalize websites with unrelated links. Search engines, in fact, scans the incoming links to a website on various parameters, such as page rank of the incoming link, total outgoing links, industry relevance of the linking web pages, etc to determine the value of the websites linking to you.

Pratibha Total IT Solutions, a web design and development company in India offers all types of link building services including non PR specific links to PR links.

Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing refers to the use of the Internet as a medium of sales for a company’s products or services. Today, where commerce over the Internet is outpacing traditional sales, more and more companies are looking forward to Internet marketing. Companies desiring to offer their product through the Internet have to design a website and make that website rank high in search engines so that it is easily viewable by its potential customers. This requires proper planning, implementation, and maintenance of a website.

Pratibha Total IT Solutions is a leading web design and company in India offering quality online marketing solutions to organizations across the globe who want e-commerce to be an integral part of their marketing strategies. Since our inception we have helped a number of organizations increase their online marketing scope with highly effectual web sites.

What gives Pratibha Total IT Solutions the stand in the market is the in-depth analysis our experts perform of your business, objectives, goals etc, that help us offer a fully customized strategy that helps our clients reap the best possible benefits of online marketing.

Once a project is handed over to us we start it with identifying the target segments and a competitive analysis. After that we proceed to the implementation part where we design the website with optimization on mind. In this process, we take recourse to SEO, search engine submission, link building, managing PPC campaigns if necessary and more.

Web Promotion

Web promotion is referred to as promotion of a website over the Internet. Web promotion involves optimizing the website in such a way that it ranks high in search engines for a particular keyword or keywords. This is done through search engine optimization or SEO.

Search engine optimization involves a combination of techniques such as Search Engine Submission, link popularity building, search engine friendliness, title and Meta tag optimization, seo copywriting, and more. In other words, optimizing a website for search engines require a deep knowledge of the working of search engines, which is possible only after considerable experience.

Pratibha Total IT Solutions is a leading offshore service provider in India offering web promotion services to global organizations. Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the areas where we outpace our competitors by a great extent. What we offer in this domain are thoroughly researched by our experts and tested in real time.

Once a project is handed over to us, we perform a deep analysis of the website content along with a competition analysis. It is only after this that we start identifying the keywords and key phrases that best represent your company. Moreover, we do SEO manually after a deep analysis of competition as well as search engine requirements.

PPC Management

PPC or Pay Per Click is a method of advertising on the web where the advertiser pays the search engine each time a visitor clicks on the displayed link. A system of bidding is employed in PPC where the advertiser can decide how much he will be bidding on the basis of the rank he wants his website to attain on the search engine display page.

PPC has a number of advantages over ordinary SEO. First of all, it is independent of search engine ranking and its rank can be controlled. Secondly, changes can be made to it depending on the current business condition. Thirdly, PPC is not affected by search engine algorithms and hence companies employing PPC technique need not update their websites on a regular basis.

These advantages combine to make PPC an effective technique for marketing a website on the web which has some unique features which cannot be matched by any other online promotion.

Effective PPC management requires a dedicated effort, in-depth market research, and industry knowledge which Pratibha Total IT Solutions is proud of. Pratibha Total IT Solutions is a leading online marketing company in India specializing in PPC management programs. Under our program we manage ad campaigns, select the right keywords, and help our clients in setting up the right bid. Once we submit the PPC campaign to search engines, we keep a thorough monitoring to make necessary changes so that it is never heavy on your pockets.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Affiliate marketing is the system of advertising where a website agrees to display some links of another website in exchange of a percentage from sales generated for theirs’. Affiliate marketing is a widely tested and cost effective method of online marketing, no longer among startups, but successful companies who rely heavily on affiliate marketing to expand their client base.

Pratibha Total IT Solutions offers effective affiliate marketing solutions for global organizations. At our state of art offshore development center in the national capital region of India, we have a team of experts who are experienced with the latest tools and techniques that pertain to affiliate marketing. In other words, we work with marketers to set up a totally customized affiliate marketing program that best meets our clients’ requirements.

Whether you looking for a broad spectrum campaign with a large number of affiliates or a highly focused campaign targeted towards a small group of high valued affiliates, Pratibha Total IT Solutions has the ability to do it. We have designed successful affiliate marketing programs for shopping directories, online property dealers, comparison websites, and more.

SEO Consultant

Pratibha Total IT Solutions is one of the leading SEO Experts in India with global clientele spread over the USA, UK, Austria, Canada and other parts of the world. Since our inception, we have had many successful SEO campaigns for our global client which has given us our niche in this highly competitive industry. We, as an expert SEO company, offer customized SEO services to suit different audiences.

At Pratibha Total IT Solutions, we provide affordable SEO Consultancy from India which aims at boosting website positioning with improved and higher rankings on search engines. We, as a leading SEO consultant offer expert advice and for a wide range of services ranging from developing Internet promotion strategies to implementing effective strategic programs and to bring quality traffic.

What we offer:

Search engine optimization consultancy,
Search engine ranking improvement consultancy,
Website positioning consultancy,
Search engine ranking consultancy,
Search engine ranking improvement consultancy,
Website promotion consultancy, and
Seo consultant india consultancy.

To help you:

Increase your online presence and reputation,
Increase the visibility of your website in major engines,
Increase traffic,
Increase leads, sales and profits from your website.

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