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NC Thinclient 1200V

Picture of NC Thinclient 1200V
NC1200V uses 800MHz arm11 CPU, 128M bytes DDR2 400, 128M bytes Nand Flash,

₹ 7,800.00

NC Thinclient 1200W

Picture of NC Thinclient 1200W
NC1200W uses 800MHz arm11 CPU, 128M bytes DDR2 400, 128M bytes Nand Flash

₹ 7,600.00

NC Thinclient 1200

Picture of NC Thinclient 1200
NC1200 uses 800MHz arm11 CPU, 128M bytes DDR2 400, 128M bytes Nand Flash, It embeded WinCE5.0 system. It Use RDP5.0 protocol

₹ 7,500.00

NC Thinclient 900L

Picture of NC Thinclient 900L
NC900L uses Dragon Chip CPU, It embeded Linux system. It Use RDP5.0 protocol, It can support Windows xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008/2010, Fedora Linux, Ubuntu Linux, supports Citrix ICA protocol,

₹ 6,900.00

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