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Ecuador tied 1-1 with the Netherlands and shared the top spot in Group

A. Ener Valencia revived the Ecuadorian dream of moving forward in the World Cup in Qatar with a goal that allowed Lalla Tree to save the Netherlands with a draw (1-1), leaving them only one point away from qualifying for the second time in history to Round of 16 of the World Cup.

As in the opening match, the striker was his team's savior, and at that time, he had to leave, tearful in the final phase of the duel, which he followed from the substitute bench with an ice pack on his knee. truly.

Ecuador will be hanging again from this joint in the coming days, before the final match against Senegal, which will be played next Tuesday, and in which Gustavo Alvaro's team has enough draws to reach the top 16 of the competition (however, the defeat will be. Leave it On the edge of the abyss).

La Tri stood up to one of those teams armed to win the World Cup and sometimes even revealed their game of control, until the captain's charm took the coveted prize.

Valencia are magic at the World Cup and the criticism they have received at home seems unbearable when you see their numbers in this competition.

The last six Ecuadorian goals in the World Cup finals came from its spoils, and after the two goals he scored against Qatar in the opening match, he got another goal, cementing him as the top scorer of the triple tournament in the World Championships (and Qatar 2022). He already has as many goals in his coffers as those he scored for Brazil eight years ago in Ecuador's penultimate World Cup appearance.

Valencia is the soul of the team, culminating in a team that wins by whole numbers and will have to hunt for a point against Senegal in the last date to once again be among the top 16 teams in the world.

Award for the work of coach Gustavo Alfaro, who has turned a young generation of players into a gaming machine, with a very specific spirit, a copy not out of place among the football elite.

It was difficult for Ecuador to get off the cloud of the opening match. He entered the Al Khalifa stadium shyly and the mistake cost him a goal after 6 minutes, in a mistake in the middle of Caicedo that allowed Claassen to hit a good cross that Cody Jacbo sent into the net from 18 meters, without Hernan Galendez being able to do anything. to stop him.

A blow to a team that had tied seven games to its unbeaten fence and who had to come back against one of the best teams in the world, a team that Louis van Gaal turned into an unbeatable machine.

The confusion lasted for a few minutes, surrounded by cries from the Ecuadorian stands, "Yes we can" who were breathing confidence into the trio, who ran after the ball, and the Oranges seized it, convinced that this was the best defence.

The midfield was the realm of Frenkie de Jong, who monopolized the game at will, owner and master of the ball.

Álvaro, who started in a more defensive style against Qatar, with three central defenders, has had to push forward and his team has once again shown signs of versatility to adapt to circumstances.

Ecuador forced the Netherlands to back down and the match began to play in the court of the Europeans, who noticed the first Greeks after the 20th minute by pushing Plata from the right and Caicedo from the left.


were then joined by Valencia, who gave a first booking in the 27th minute and five more minutes to force Naubert into a stretch.

The gunner from La Treye put the team on its back and with the passage of time managed to equalize with a header from the heart of Estopenian, which turned the defense into a corner.

In the transmission, after a cross from Preciado, Estupinan managed to deflect the ball into the net, but the referee canceled it, considering that Boroso, offside, blocked the goalkeeper's view.

The protests of the Ecuadorians did not change the referee's mind, and Ecuador remained smeared on the scoreboard at half-time, but with hope restored, a faith that found reward shortly after returning from the locker room, when Christ appeared in Valencia.

The Fenerbahçe player continues to shine with the World Cup finals and his sense of smell has not lost its strength. He was in the six-yard box when a powerful shot from Estupinan was saved by the Dutch goalkeeper and he took advantage to score the equaliser.

He got up from the stands and Ecuador launched an attack that was about to allow them to convert the score when Gonzalo Plata took advantage of a Valencia rebound and with a powerful left foot hit the crossbar with Nobert already on top. beaten.

The first-half text was overloaded and the game entered a phase of mismanagement that seemed to benefit Ecuador more, until Van Gaal's men resolutely pulled the string back.

But the Ecuadorian adrenaline was high and every contact with the ball was electrifying, a constant threat, without De Jong being able to dominate the build-up area like he did in the first half.

Ecuador threatened, but Valencia's gunpowder was no longer enough. A taste of hope tie.

With this result, the host country of the World Cup became the first to be eliminated from the tournament, while the two qualifying matches from Group A will be decided on the third and final date: Ecuador and the Netherlands suffice to draw with Senegal and Qatar, respectively. , while the Africans must overcome Tri to achieve a place in the top 16. In this case, Gustavo Alvaro's team will need the locals to beat the Dutch and appreciate the goal difference.

- Technical Paper:

1- Netherlands: Noppert. Timber, Van Dyck, Aki; Dumfries, Copminers (De Roon, m.80), de Jong, Blind; Klaassen (Berghuis, m.69), Bergwijn (Depay, m.46), Gakpo (Weghorst, m.79)

1- Ecuador: Galíndez; Preciado, Hincapie, Torres, Poroso, Estepinan; Caicedo, Mendez; Silver (Ibarra, 90 minutes), Estrada (Sarmiento, 74 minutes), Valencia (Rodriguez, 90 minutes)

Goals: 1-0, 6: Jabco. 1-1, at 49: Valencia referee

: Mustafa Ghorbal (ALG), blames Ecuadorian Mendes

: The first group match of the first stage of the Qatar World Cup, which was held at Khalifa Stadium in Al-Rayyan in front of 44,833 spectators.