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From a veteran cop who claims she was shamed into quitting the job of her dreams to a woman axed after just two weeks – here are the women who suffered job losses after joining OnlyFans

Deciding to strip off online for some extra cash can be a risky business.
But many people have taken such a plunge to join the more than one million OnlyFans creators trying to bolster their bank balances.

The saucy subscription site has proven to be a goldmine for some models – but there can be downsides.

One such setback is the consequences of your boss or colleagues finding out about your extracurricular activities.

And below we take a look at some women who lost jobs they loved after their racy accounts were exposed.

Nursing a grudge
Mum-of-three Allie Rae started an X-rated OnlyFans account to give her family a more comfortable life.
And when she wasn’t looking after her kids or posing in front of the camera, Allie was grafting 14-hour shifts as an ICU nurse.

But her medical career, which she inevitably spent years training for, was left in tatters when her colleagues discovered her sexy side gig.

The mum, from Boston, Massachusetts, told the Daily Beast: "They informed my manager about that and I was called into the office about their social media policy.

"It got uncomfortable, where I felt people were concentrating more on my performance outside of the hospital versus my performance in the hospital.

"I was making more money on OnlyFans than I was as a nurse and was only doing it because I loved it — but once I became 'the girl who does OnlyFans,' it tore me apart.”

Despite subsequently losing a career she was passionate about, she is now her own boss who last year was bagging £54,000 a month selling snaps.

Checked out
Yasmin Baker was stacking shelves in Tesco when the sniggers of her peers forced her to hand in her notice.

She was working at the supermarket four evenings a week so she could spend her days selling sizzling snaps on OnlyFans.

But the brunette beauty, 28, told Daily Star: “I decided I was going to keep my four evenings at Tesco just as a little stable income but then my coworkers found out.

“They started spreading pictures round, huddling in circles and whispering about me while staring.

“It was crazy considering these were grown adults. It was at that time I decided to quit that and take the risk of putting my whole life into OnlyFans.”

And like Allie, Yasmin has had the last laugh.

During the pandemic she earned up to £70,000 a month on OnlyFans and the Norfolk lass recently ditched Britain for Panama.

Cop out
Police veteran Melissa Williams sensationally claimed she was shamed out of her job as a copper because of her kinky OnlyFans page.

The 46-year-old, from Colorado, had worked in policing for some 28 years – but she decided to join the adult site to spice things up with her husband.

But an official complaint was made against her, and she remembered: “[It] came totally out of the blue, I was in shock and panicking because I never wanted these two parts of my life to collide.

“Then I was angry and embarrassed because the notice went on to say how five colleagues of mine – all in lower and higher ranks than me – had obtained access to my paid account to access my private content so they could investigate my conduct.

“I didn’t feel that was professional or necessary. It felt like they all just wanted to see me naked.

“It felt like my bosses were policing my bedroom."

She had dreamt of being a police officer since she was 14 and a severance package of £22,000 was arranged by her lawyer and the local force.

Soap drama
One of the most high-profile sackings was Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn whose bosses handed her an ultimatum last year after she started an OnlyFans.
Sarah had played character Mandy Richardson on the Channel 4 soap from 1996 until 2021.

But after deciding to post raunch snaps for cash, a spokeswoman for the show said: “Hollyoaks is a youth-facing drama with many young viewers, who follow our cast very closely, both in the soap and outside of it.

"We take our responsibility to our young audience very seriously and therefore the show does not allow any Hollyoaks cast members to be active on certain 18+ websites.

"We had hoped we could reach a resolution with Sarah that would allow her to remain in her role as Mandy, but we respect her choice to continue to produce content on OnlyFans.

"In the past four years since her return to the show her legacy character has been an integral part of some of our most important storylines and we will be very sad to see her go."

And Sarah Jayne, who lives in Cheshire with her husband and son, said at the time: “I’m disappointed it has come to this, after so many years.

"I’ve loved being on Hollyoaks and I will miss the amazing cast and crew very much. But I feel like I had to take a stand."

Nude awakening
Annabelle Knight was just two weeks into her new marketing job when she was given her marching orders.

The 25-year-old claimed she was dobbed in by a colleague who uncovered her OnlyFans page before snitching the boss.

Annabelle, from Brisbane, Australia, was on the site trying to save money for a house.

She said: “The morning of the firing I was asked if I had any other side businesses and I said no, assuming she [my manager] meant retail side businesses that were tax-deductible.

"I also couldn't think of how she'd found my OnlyFans as at that stage it was completely unsearchable and I'd capped my fans at around 1,000 where they'd been sitting for about a year.

"I was sent an email giving me an opportunity to explain myself.

"They'd written all the reasons why they thought I deserved to have my position terminated – I couldn't believe it."

Annabelle said it was a blessing in disguise and she’s now a happier person selling content online.