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The age of appeasing North Korea is over and any new talks between Seoul and Pyongyang must be initiated by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, South Korea's new conservative President Yoon Suk Yeol said on Monday.

For years, South Korea has tried to balance its US alliance with growing economic ties with China -- but Seoul's relations with Beijing have become strained in recent years.
Throughout his campaign, Yoon took a cooler tone than his predecessor toward China, portraying the country as an economic rival.
When asked about the risk of provoking Beijing's fury by forging closer ties with the US, Yoon brushed off the threat of economic retaliation.
"Even if we strengthen our alliances with the United States in security and technology, it does not mean that we think our economic cooperation with China is unimportant," he said. Besides, he added, both South Korea and China depend on their mutual cooperation -- "so I do not believe it is reasonable for China to be overly sensitive about this matter."