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Google Turns Off Key Google Maps Features To Prevent Russian Soldiers From Tracking Ukrainian Citizens

Google has disabled a key feature of Google Maps to help protect Ukrainian citizens. Live information about how busy a place in Ukraine is or local traffic conditions, is temporarily out of sight.

This change is global, so no one around the world can see the traffic data in Ukraine. This is as reported by The Sun, Saturday (5/3/2022).

The move by Google will certainly make it difficult for anyone trying to track the movements of troops and civilians inside the war-torn country.

As is known, Google Maps utilizes smartphone networks to provide real-time information for users. For example, road users can help Google know where heavy traffic is.

The technology can provide users with information to reroute their journey. Google can also often detail how busy a company or a network is running.

In the early days of the invasion, The Washington Post revealed how researchers used the data to track movement.

Roadblocks and delays signal an exodus and potential troop movement. But some worry that Google Maps could be used to Russia's advantage, providing details on how busy certain areas are.

Google told Reuters it had consulted a number of sources, including 'regional authorities', before making a decision.

Ukraine has put up a fierce resistance to the Russian invasion. The capital city of Kyiv is still holding out despite heavy Russian troops trying to break through.

Internet users have been urged not to disclose Ukrainian troop movements on social media.

Meanwhile, a number of tech companies have cracked down on Russia in recent days. Facebook, Google and Twitter have restricted all advertising in Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.