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SPORTS Volleyball has always been a special attraction. In addition to the game, it turns out that the charm of the athletes also attracts attention. The female volleyball players are no exception, who often amaze the Adams.

Some female volleyball players are identical with beautiful and sexy faces. Then who are the female volleyball players who often attract the world's attention? Here are the five sexiest volleyball players in the world.

5. Martina Guiggi (Italy)

Martina is a professional volleyball player who also has a career as a model. However, he also still has seriousness as a volleyball athlete to achieve several achievements. One of them won a bronze medal at the 2013 Club World Championship with Guangdong Evergrande.

He has a charming face that makes the Adams feel amazed. Beautiful and sexy managed to support her popularity in the volleyball world. The player who was born on May 1, 1984 has a position as a middle blocker.

4. Juliette Lazcano (Argentina)

The player who was born on July 25, 1989 is a professional volleyball player with a position as a middle blocker. Her charming charm with a sexy body managed to hypnotize the Adams if they saw her in action.

During this time, he has played for many clubs from all over the world. Starting from Puota Lugones, and General Paz Juniors in Argentina, Scavolini Pasaro in Italy, Paris Saint Cloud in France, to the most recent Leclerc Radomka Radom in Poland.

3. Sabina Altynbekova (Kazakhstan)

Sabina became an athlete who had received sharp attention because of her beauty. Having a beautiful face and beautiful body made Sabina start to attract attention, especially when appearing at the 2014 Asian Junior Volleyball Championships.

Unfortunately, Sabina herself is not too comfortable with the spotlight. The reason is, the 26-year-old player wants to be known to the public as an outstanding athlete rather than being a beautiful volleyball player who often looks sexy.

2. Kristina Karapetyan (Kazakhstan)

However, Sabina was not the only beautiful and sexy athlete in Kazakhstan. Volleyball named Kristina also gets the spotlight because of her beauty. One of them was when he performed at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang.

The woman who was born on February 5, 1990 was actually born in Russia, but she chose the citizenship of Kazakhstan. One of the most striking things about Kristina is the phoenix tattoo on the left side of her body that stretches to the thigh.

1. Alisa Manyonok (Russia)

The charm of Alisa Manyonok is no longer in doubt. However, he is now no longer an athlete and has turned into a model. As a result, she is quite accomplished in a career as a model.

Thanks to her beautiful and charming charm, Alisa managed to get down to the modeling event by getting the title of Miss Earth Fire in 2019. Even so, she did not represent her country of birth Russia, but represented Belarus.