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A total of 2.62 million vehicles were registered in Germany in 2021, Europe's largest economy, according to the Federal Transport Authority (KBA). That number, 10.1% lower than the previous year during the corona virus pandemic.

"The auto market surprised everyone in 2021. Unfortunately, not in a positive sense," said the director of the federation of car importers (VDIK), Reinhard Zirpel, in a statement.

Auto sales in the auto nation suffered a major decline in 2020, dropping 19 percent and hitting their lowest point since German reunification in 1990, as the coronavirus ravaged large parts of the country's economy.

The impact of the health restrictions will be felt until 2021, especially the disruptions caused by the world's supply chains have a very big impact on the automotive industry, which is Germany's mainstay.

A shortage of semiconductors, a critical component of both conventional and electric vehicles, is forcing production to slow down and means the industry is forced to "go at a slow pace", Zirpel said.

December's sluggish conditions did not stop, and figures from KBA showed year-on-year sales fell 26.9 percent, the sixth straight month in which sales fell.