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Makeover Overload

  Something about being a parent makes us want to give our children more.  If we stopped to think about it, we’d probably wonder what we were thinking.  We can get really out of hand sometimes.
  On the first day of first grade for my daughter, I walked her to her classroom.  She was a little nervous.  Once she got there and saw her teacher, she was fine, and I told her goodbye.  As I was walking down the stairs outside, I saw a mother and her daughter coming up the stairs.  The first bell had already rung, as well as the late bell.  This little girl was very late to her first day of school.  I recognized her from my daughter’s kindergarten class, but she had blond hair the last time I had seen her.  Now her hair was dark brown.
  I watched her climb the stairs.  She could have been on the cover of a kid magazine, all decked out in her new school clothes.  Her black heeled boots clicked on the concrete.  Her hair had been blow dried and was curly and poofy.  Wow.  This was clearly a case of a parent going overboard with her child.  She was in first grade.  I was baffled.  He mom had dyed her daughter’s hair?  
  I see this a lot with friends of my children.  They get weaves, their nails done, and more pampering than I get as an adult.  When do they get to be kids?  And what happens when they hit high school?  What does this teach a child?
  I really believe that children should be allowed to be children.  There is a time and place for everything, and their time will come.  Let’s just let our kids be little as long as possible and not make them grow up any faster than they already do.